Fruits You Should Definitely Include In Your Diet

Fruits You Should Definitely Include In Your DietA little weight gain is not something you will be unfamiliar with. Everyone’s New Year resolution is to lose weight, get fitter and have a leaner, stronger body. To help to achieve this goal, we list out the fruits which you should definitely include in your diet that will increase your metabolism and help decrease your weight. Many people struggle with low metabolism and losing weight can be a huge problem. With our hectic lifestyles, getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is also a conundrum. Lack of it shows clearly in the fatigue we face and the dark circles we try to cover up with foundation. All these short term solutions point out at a bigger problem, lack of a good and well balanced diet. The long term solution to it can be to include fruits into our daily diet, probably start our day with a good breakfast or leave the canteen junk food and bite into an apple.

1) Asparagus: Asparagus may be considered a fruit that cuts down calories, I.e negative calorie food. What is actually does it increase your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn a ton of more calories. The nutrient content in this fruit is high and the calories are low, what else can you ask for?

2) Any citrus fruit: Berries, oranges, kiwi or grapefruits, all contain high levels of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits also contain cancer preventive substances. It prevents the growth and spread of tumours and kills the cancerous cells in our body which have a tendency of regenerating. Not only are they delicious and the best option to fight off the heat, it also helps in cutting cholesterol levels and fighting diseases and infections.

3) Watermelon: 95% of a watermelon is water. Therefore the calorie count in this fruit is bare minimum. It not only quenches you thirst, but also increases immunity and fights cancer. It also contains good amounts of Potassium and Vitamin C.

4) Pineapple: Pineapple has been proven to help fight arthritis and is high on Vitamin C content. Everyone who indulges in sweet lovely desserts has had their fair share of pineapples, but that shouldn’t stop one from including it in our diet.

5) Bananas: A fruit which has a lot of myths attached to it. Bananas are considered fattening and people try their best to stay away from it. Myth buster: Bananas help to boost brain power, decrease the pain of menstrual cramps and prevent anaemia, the calcium content in the fruit helps to strengthen bones, fight depression and lower the risk of heart diseases. If all this wasn’t enough, bananas also help in regulating bowel movement and prevents ulcers in the mouth.

6) Pears: Pears again contains high Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory tendencies, the high fibre content in the fruit helps regulate bowel movement and prevent the outbreak of ulcers. It lowers the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

So wouldn’t you like an extra bite of taste and health in your diet?