Want To Lose Weight? Ditch These Foods and Drinks

Lose WeightHave you noticed a sudden increase in your weight and you have not been snacking or eating fast food of late? Can’t explain why you are packing more kilos than usual? The answer may be in foods that you would not normally suspect.

Yes, fast food like French fries, pizza ad burgers are known to contain unsaturated fats which contribute to weight gain. Today, fast food restaurants are slowly trying to offer healthier combo foods beside the unhealthy ones. The foods that increase your weight without you knowing are purchased in the supermarket.

You love the brands but they are making you big – unhealthy wise. Here are foods that you need to ditch to lose weight.

Low fat foods

Yes, they are advertised as low fat food which is true, they have less fat content. During production, the fat is removed from the food. This has led many people to eat 30% more when they know the food is categorized as low fat. Sugar is added in place of fat which is actually worse for you. Why? Since you consume 30% more when it’s low fat, the sugar will be converted into fat in your body. This will be stored around the thighs, hips and waist. The reason is the body is unable to utilize the glucose as energy. What this leads to is weight gain so to lose weight, ditch low fat foods. Consider moderate portions instead.

Diet soda

Just like low fat foods, diet soda actually promotes weight gain. The diet soda itself does not contain elements that increase your weight. What it does is fill up your stomach with gas. When you let the air out, you end up snacking and overeating. This is attributed to the hunger one feels. Furthermore, it contains artificial sweeteners which have been found to confuse the body chemically. Instead of diet sodas, why not drink water. It contains no calories, contributes none in your body and it helps you lose weight.


Over the years, juicing has become more than a fad. People are juicing fruits and vegetables with the hope of losing weight. This has even made blenders and other juicing machine to be popular. When you juice, you extract the liquid and throw away the fiber. What you need to know is that in a fruit, the fiber or fleshy part of the fruit contains the nutrients not the juice itself. This means when you blend a few oranges and drink the juice, all you are doing is spiking your blood sugar. Want to lose weight? Why not eat the whole fruit instead of juicing.

Final Thoughts

Today, you will hardly miss a fast food joint at a street corner or in a mall. They offer sumptuous meals that are just hard to resist. Fast food meals, low fat foods, diet sodas, frozen meals and juices need to be ditched from your meal plan. This will help you stick to a healthy meal schedule allowing you to lose weight. Think of this, how much suffering will you undergo when you have diabetes or a heart problem. All because you could not resist that bag of chips or diet soda.