Why Protein Shakes Are Sought After

Protein ShakesProtein shakes have had their fair share of doubters. A lot of people are not convinced that they are as effective as they say. After all, something that helps you lose/gain weight or build more muscle at the same time seems too good to be true. That being said, the entire concept is built around the robustness of protein though. Whether it is obtained via food or in shake form, protein is packed full of benefits that are sure to astound you.

What is Protein?
Protein is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body. It is found in majority of the body’s cells and is a key structural component in each one.

Why is it Important?
Bodybuilders also like to stock up on protein because it is cheaper and easier to acquire. Plus, protein is vital in promoting maximum muscle growth and efficiency. Most of all, while one is working to build all that muscle, protein helps to fuel the body to keep it going. Due to these, protein shakes have become really popular.

For those looking to lose weight, protein additionally helps speed up our metabolism. How is this accomplished? Although it helps fuel the body, protein also serves to burn energy in the body while it is in use. With this mechanism, the metabolic process is gently and naturally prodded in the right direction.

Why Use Shaker Bottles?
Protein shakers, commonly called shaker bottles, were devised as fitness enthusiasts needed doses of protein at regular intervals. This means that they can retain their protein in powder form and hold off mixing it with any liquids until they absolutely need to drink. This ensures a fresh shake can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Also, these bottles are usually designed to have spill-proof caps so that they don’t leak. They are, after all, used outdoors or in gyms, stadiums and arenas where anything can happen especially in tight spaces.

Best of all, these protein shakers are built to be portable. They can fit in your gym bag, purse and some even like to hang it on their belt with the help of other accessories. Portability is important as you can never tell when you’ll need a protein boost. While lounging at the park, in between sets at the gym or while you’re waiting to be subbed in, it’s always handy to have one around.